Friday, April 27, 2012

Ben - The Begining

Welcome to the Blog Jared and I plan to create as we battle our way through the process of turning piles of metal and plastic into the parts we need to recreate the battles of World War 2 using the Flames of War game system.

The first Flames of War model I painted a Panzer 38t as a gift for a friend

Why Flames of War
While Jared is a Flames of War player of some experience, I am new to this game system and more importantly new to the 15mm scale used in this game. My previous experience has been with Warhammer 40k/Fantasy, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars and Warmachine and while I still love those games there is something unique about Flames of War. First is the scale, Flames of War allows you to more easily create a large scale battle with multiple tanks and hordes of infantry. Something I hope to be able to do, but perhaps not in this first installment. Additionally Flames of War is based in reality, no lasers, dragons or or armored super soldiers wiping the field. I know for a lot of people reality might make it harder to play or understand Flames of War as stems from real wars where people actually fought and died. However World War two is also History and hopefully by playing this I can learn more about it and in some way I can pay homage to people involved.

The Goal
My goal first goal is facing Jared (and hopefully some other players) over a table with a British force in mid August at Gen Con. This will require a fully painted force (personally I can't stand using unpainted models) and secondly it will require some knowledge of the rules. For me, this blog will primarily be exploring the painting and building aspect however if I am lucky enough to get some games before August it may include some game write ups.

The Plan
Currently I have a very basic understanding of the rules and a pile of models of which one tank and 5 infantry are painted. Each week I will be working on painting some of my models and posting up my progress.

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