Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Blood - British vs US

So over the weekend I got my first game of Flames of war at my local club. With a few substitutes I managed to field a 550(ish) point British Rifle list against a US Rifle list. Although I have watched some of the Battle Front training videos my opponent Viv has a few games under his belt was gracious enough to teach me the rules as we went.
British Rifle Platoon Faces off with a US Rifle Platoon

We had a mix of units on the table both fielding infantry and tanks with the US supported by some Mortars. I learnt a few things, firstly that infantry are pretty hard to kill especially when they are holed up in a building or dug in and concealed. Secondly that assaults are devastating and far more effective at getting the infantry out of buildings.

US Rifle Platoon rushes in to assault the British
The verdict? Very positive, I really enjoyed my first game and have found additional motivation to keep working on painting the rest of my infantry so I can get to the fun part, painting the tanks!

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  1. I actually enjoy painting infantry more than tanks. I used to think it would be the other way around, but there's something satisfying about making a good looking stand of infantry.

    Try assaulting infantry in a building with a tank some time. Incredibly hard and difficult-- but it works in a pinch! Good golden rules are to always make sure your opponent is pinned before you assault. If you can smoke them ahead of time all the better. If you have enough tanks within 16", it often pays off to sit and fire your main guns at full rate of fire-- the 3+,4+ firepower most tank guns have will up-root the dug-in or in-building infantry pretty easy before the eventual assault comes.