Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Churchills - Now with more mud!

Three Churchill heavy tanks ready for battle!
After my last post on the Churchill tanks I went back to the remaining two and implemented what I had learnt from the first one. I added more highlights, number decals on the turrets, used a fixative on the weathering powder for 3D mud effects and increased the volume of weathering.

Once the second and third were finished I had to go back to number one and bring it up to standard with the other. End result, three battle tested Churchill heavy tanks to provide strong fire support for my Infantry. Now I just have four more tanks, three universal carriers, a heavy mortar platoon and some objectives and I am ready to run.

Heavy mud weathering effects on the tracks.

Unit markings on turret left side.

Yes that number is a decal, thanks to the wonders of "Microsol" you can barely see the edges.

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  1. Looking good! I'm loving the muddy road wheels and weathering!