Sunday, June 24, 2012

./' The wheels on the 8-Rads go round and round... ./'

Completed now are the four 8-rads I started working on Tuesday. I'm very pleased with how they came out-- and even got to use the a bit today in my first full 1750 points game with the rest of my Feldhernhalle Panzerkampfe Gruppe.

Overall? Not too bad. I only lost 1 the whole time, and only because I got too cocky with my recce moves.

Blazing fast on roads/cross-country. Worthless in other terrain. 

Worthless in any sort of terrain, but blazing fast on cross-country or roads.

I've started work now on the Wirbelwinds-- having completed the turreted portion of each. I hope to have these three ready by the end of the week as well. From there it's just 7 more tanks and an infantry platoon I hope to finish to be ready for Gencon.

No aircraft? No problem. These are points not gone to waste. 

Loving these guys. Totally worth the points.

The Wirbelwinds were especially painful. When allowed full rate of fire and the hull machine gun, it's a mess of MG dice that was doing a decent job at taking infantry out of their defenses. Keeping an 8-rad group nearby when there isn't air cover over head means robbing your opponent of his gone-to-ground and hitting even easier.


  1. The 8-rads look great, so these two will work as a team then?

  2. It's bought as one platoon of 4, but they operate in teams of two-- which then act as separate platoons.

  3. Sorry I meant as a team with the Wirbelwinds.

  4. Ah, yeah, the Wirbelwinds can be taken as a platoon of 2 or 3. I have 3 in this case.