Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Slow Grind of Progress

Distractions are at an all time high in the summer, but I've still managed to make some progress on the force I still plan (and hope) to have fully painted in time for Gencon.

The King Tiger of yester-post has been completed and remains one of my favorite tanks I've painted to date. In addition I've also completed a half-battery of Nebelwerfers and started on a rather ambitious camo scheme for some 8-rads.

Nebelwerfers should be standard for any Late War German Army. These "Fog Throwers"
are the cheapest option available for smoke barrage and infantry in the open. Also a steal
at just over 100 points. 
I dislike using the airbrush so I prefer hard-line camouflage where possible. I'm
very pleased with how the King Tiger turned out. 
I used pigments to created the scorched effect around the rockets. Nothing fancy.
Black pigment is one of the few that will remain with a "diffused" look after
a matte varnish is applied. 
A sneak peak at the progress on my 8-rads. Unfortunately this camo pattern
takes me about 1 hour per armored car. 
It occurred to me while painting that in most cases the recon attachments to a company were, in fact, from a different company themselves. Compared to the rest of the armored units I have painted I decided that I'd start to branch out and use different camouflage schemes where it made sense that a different "attached" company wouldn't look identical to the rest. The end result might be a little discordant on the board, but I think it will liven things up a bit.

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